Why Bury?

How to Bury Your Stuff: The Ultimate Guide to Burying Your Valuables

Because no one can take what they cannot find

00 homepageWhy bury? I’ve been asked that question countless times over the years and my answer is always the same. Because if done properly, it’s the ultimate security for your valuables; not only is it cheaper than any alternative but nothing else is as secure, period.

Hiding your valuables under your mattress or in your sock drawer does not protect against fires or natural disasters like tornados. Safety deposit boxes can be costly in that they are an ongoing expense. They can only be accessed during the bank’s business hours and depend on functioning electricity. Home safes are expensive; they do not always properly protect your valuables against fires or floods and can be easily defeated by any intruder with the proper cutting tools. By burying your valuables underground, one can guarantee that his or her most precious possessions are forever protected against theft, fire, extreme weather, most natural disasters and even the collapse of the electrical grid.

Prior to around 1998, anyone who buried anything underground was considered paranoid by mainstream society. The Y2K or “Millennium Bug” changed that. This was the belief that on December 31st 1999, all computer systems worldwide would crash. Survivalism or “Prepping” as it is now called, started to become more popular. Tabloids like CNN started to push scary stories about new diseases and imminent natural disasters. Television shows and movies geared around apocalyptic themes grew in popularity, and sensationalism combined with mistaken beliefs about the Mayan New Year would push worldwide survival spending past $500 billion during the 2012 fiscal year.

I originally created this website with the intent of helping everyone in every demographic group secure their most valuable possessions. But I am not naïve, I realize that the majority of my visitors will be survivalists and doomsday preppers. This brings me to another reason for burying your possessions; an apocalypse of some sorts. Collapse of the world’s economy, zombies, post peak oil, Fascist gun confiscations, WMD’s, disease or pandemic, mass starvation and civil war all seem to be included in today’s popular ideation.

Before ever hearing about something called the World Wide Web, I had already been burying stuff for about 15 years and I had never lost anything that I put in the ground. One common myth on the Internet is that it’s illegal to bury, hoard or cache survival gear and valuables. This is a complete falsehood since churches, youth groups and schools do it all the time; only they call their caches “Time Capsules.” In addition, the term “geocaching” is a term that defines what’s described as a popular outdoor activity in which participants play a high-tech game of hide-and-seek. It’s my understanding that these players have made a sport of hiding things outdoors.

Since the day I first discovered the Internet, I’ve seen so much chatter about how burying stuff is such a waste of time and about how easily the government can swoop in with it’s superior technology and locate everything in the blink of an eye. But in reality, I can remember several instances during my life where a small plane like a Piper or a Cessna disappeared over the American or Canadian Rockies. Despite massive search and rescue operations, a couple of these small aircraft have never been found; and these crash sites were ABOVE ground.

The fantasy is that the government knows all and sees all. Using the population of the United States as an example, no government has the ability to constantly monitor 320 million people all at once, (although it certainly does try) nor does it have the resources to scan every inch of U.S. soil. And if no government is capable of finding a buried stash, then neither are thieves, hackers, delinquents, drug addicts or looters. Even the most massive illegal drug farms are discovered either by human intelligence or accidentally stumbled upon by local law enforcement officers investigating an unrelated crime; not located by superior government technology as many would believe.

Do a little research … to this day there are many “treasures” (safes and even entire bank vaults are still missing from heists; millions of dollars in cash and gold bullion from stagecoach robberies, etc) lost in the old American West that have been buried for more than 100 years and have yet to be discovered.

Simply put; Burying is the ultimate security. Period.

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